Governance & Risk Management

Managing regulatory risk through corporate governance, systems and controls is key to operating compliantly.

The team at Themis Consultancy can work with your business and provide comprehensive and practical advice on either establishing a robust corporate governance framework or reviewing existing practices to ensure these meet regulatory expectations.
Recognising that it is not possible to assess mindsets and behaviours directly, the FCA has identified four key drivers of behaviour which firms can identify and manage:

  1. Purpose – How the firm makes its money
  2. Leadership – The ‘tone from the top’ that is set by the management
  3. Approach to rewarding and managing people – The types of behaviour that are encouraged and discouraged within the firm. This has relevance in areas such as remuneration, progression, promotion, recruitment, diversity and inclusion, speak-up culture and psychological safety. Within a firm, what do ordinary employees feel they need to do to be rewarded?
  4. Governance – How decisions are made within the firm.

At Themis Consultancy we can challenge your firm on these areas so you can self-test and identify and improve any areas of weakness.